Monday, May 01, 2006

Tip Drill Video (What my name Iz!)

Watch for Shawty (What my name IZZ!). The man is a genius.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wes Anderson American Express Commercial

Just when I thought this dude couldn't make me laugh anymore, he blows my mind. Welcome back to my good side.

Here's a quicktime version of it.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Azerbaijan Welcomes You!

Look at these two characters. RJD2 and Jay have packed their bags and they're takin a little Eurasian vacation together.

Seriously though, Jay's on fire with two new tracks.
With this shit, he's certified, scientifically.
Both songs come in the zip.

Jay S - "Many Times Jimbo" and "Kisan" 3.2 megs

Stay safe, lovebirds.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal

Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal 10.6 megs

Triangle of Death (A.K.A. The Cupertino Triangle)

Next time you leave Cupertino to pick up a character in San Jose so you can get tacos in Moutain View and then come back to Cupertino all within an hour, you have completed a Cupertino Triangle, also known as the Triangle of Death. This "Triangle" is made anytime you depart from Cupertino, make two stops in bordering communities and arrive back in Cupertino. Shitty drivers, Marijuana, the wild deer herds of Saratoga and gasoline shortages may all affect your survival.

Visit Cupertino while in a heightened state of alert. Remember, unfortunate episodes are not accidents, but preventable incidents that will occur without warning.

Do not be alarmed. I have switched to zip files.
I could listen to this song on repeat for 14 years. If only the CD player in my car worked.

FPU - FPU Theme Song 7.8 megs

I found this shirt on a french design site. They have obviously never been to Cupertino. They think it's all guys named Steve and computer shit all over the place. Far from the truth my friends. You know nothing of horror until you have stepped just one block from Apple's headquarters and ended up at Donut Wheel. By day, old men sip their coffee and students finish their Calculus homework, but by night, the unspeakable emerge to great you.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sharing different heartbeats...

Sony Europe recently released an incredible commercial featuring seemingly millions of bouncy balls that are poured down the elevated streets of San Francisco. Combined with the music, this clip is an extremely moving experience, especially for me, as someone who's grown up in the Bay Area. I have such powerful romantic feelings for San Francisco and somehow this throw away Ad for flat-screen TVs has brought them out of me. I'm touched. Thanks for putting this together Danish guy (Nicolai Fuglsig)/Sony (European Division)/Jose Gonzales (Swedish Guy)/The Knife (Swedish Duo).

You can see the 180 second version of the ad and making of docs at I think the message Sony is trying to convey here is that the product's so good that the largest segment of the commercial's audience shouldn't even be allowed to buy it. Sony is clever like that. They're really stuffing muskrats and blowing minds with this one.

The song featured is a Jose Gonzales cover of The Knife's Heartbeats.
Both are featured here, at ICBJOD.

The Knife - Heartbeats 6.2 megs
Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats 3.7 megs

Monday, November 14, 2005

Erotheque and Other Works of Jay

Phenomenal new Jay music is upon us.

Jay S. - Erotheque 3.1 megs
Jay S. - Akuma 1 meg

Have you heard Strange Geometry?

I like it. It's good.
Especially the last song on there. Perhaps I'll post it so you can listen.

The Clientele - (I Can't Seem to) Make You Mine 5.1 megs

Lonely guys talking nonsense isn't usually my shtick, well, no, actually it is. Anyway, this record's too enjoyable to pass up.
Pick it up.